Leap Rail Board

Plan Accurately

The most important building block of a surgical suite schedule is case duration. Yet, many organizations simply rely to average durations provided by their scheduling software. When retrospectively analysed, it's clear these averages are grossly inaccurate and result in chaos, wasted resources, and patient, surgeon, and staff dissatisfaction. Leap Rail Board uses state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to drastically improve case duration predictions. Our customers get a 30% improvement in their case duration accuracy.

Achieve 30% Higher Accuracy

Manage Reality

Operating rooms are dynamic! The status of your cases are constantly changing. New information is available and documented every minute. Leap Rail Board provides you with a real-time picture of the caseload in your suite. Each case clearly reflects the real-time perioperative milestone. The board automatically updates with new milestones and adjusts the start and end times of cases as workflow updates occur. You can customize the color-coded milestone visualization to signal appropriate teams on your staff to better prepare for their next activity.

This visual representation is augmented with a news ticker that announces new case milestones. The news ticker also includes predictions and recommendations that the Leap Rail artificial intelligence engine produces based on case flow updates. These predictions range from anticipated case delays, to predicting after-hours needs, to identifying opportunities for moving cases around to avoid downstream delays.

Communicate Effectively

Running an efficient OR requires consistent and constant communication among a large set of stakeholders. Leap Rail Board gives you all the tools necessary to create an effective communication strategy and consolidate information from different systems in one easy to access location. By customizing the perioperative milestones, surgical case labels, vendor tracking and management features, and mobile notifications, your extended team can stay focused on patient care in the most efficient and safe manner.

Using the board visualization and AI recommendations, the OR manager can better identify opportunities for preventing delays, proactively update stakeholders, anticipate staffing need changes, and adjust the schedule as appropriate. OR manager will also be empowered to better accommodate add-on case requests from surgeons.

Everybody benefits from more intelligence.


  • Minimized delays and wait times
  • Improved access

Surgical Team

  • Higher satisfaction
  • Transparency and improved communication


  • Higher case throughput
  • Transparency and proactive communication

Hospital Administrators

  • Higher case throughput
  • More effective cost management

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