Leap Rail Shift

Leap Rail Shift enables the entire surgical team to know when, where, and how they are needed throughout the day. By having access to a continuously updated schedule of their assignments, everybody can be more productive and less stressed about meeting their responsibilities.

Shift also enables the OR managers to clearly see their team's availability and effectively plan for add-on cases or upcoming days. The artificial intelligence powered engine of Leap Rail empowers the managers to easily assign members of the surgical team to future cases while considering their preferences.

The AI engine can also predict after-hour staffing needs or when the team is overstaffed relative to the caseload. In both scenarios, it offers guidance to managers helping them be more equitable when making requests or changes to schedules by highlighting historical decisions and individual preferences.

Everybody benefits from more intelligence.

Surgical Team

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Fair and personalized scheduling

Surgery Center Administrators

  • Proactive staff/schedule management
  • Automated and fair assignment practices

Hospital Administrators

  • Better talent retention
  • More effective labor cost management

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